Overall Score



Partially Done


  • Shifted its long-standing neutrality policy and is preparing to join NATO.
  • Provided Ukraine with anti-tank weapons and some other equipment.
  • Banned Russian propaganda channels and began to offer its own Russian-language news.


  • Has not taken any independent actions, apart from the EU, against Russian public institutions and warmongers.
  • Has the capability to provide Ukraine with more heavy weaponry.


On Track

Military Support

On Track

Providing military support for Ukraine, composed of four key categories:

  • Ground Forces Support (e.g. small arms, defensive equipment, anti-tank)
  • Air Defense Support
  • Communications Support
  • Cyber Intelligence Support
  • Sweden provided Ukraine with 10,000 anti-tank weapons, thousands of helmets, bulletproof vests, and field rations worth over 500 million Swedish krona ($52.9 million).
  • Previously neutral Sweden plans to join NATO after Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Financial & Institutional Sanctions

Partially Done

Identifying sanctions impacting the Russian economy as a whole, including banks, sovereign debt, industry, access to global markets, etc.

  • Sweden supported all EU's fnancial and institutional sanctions against Russia and contunues to limit trade realtions with Russia.


  • Swedish govermnent just follows EU's policy and welcomes private businesses halting operations in Russia but hasn't announced any separate actions against Russian public institutions.

Sanctions on Oligarchs, Kleptocrats, & Western Enablers

Partially Done

Sanctions on individuals in Putin's inner circle including:

  • exposing & seizing their assets
  • revoking their visas
  • holding them legally accountable where possible

The goal is to convince these individuals that their futures would be better without Putin than with him.

  • Sweden successfully pushed EU for extended sanctions against Russian oligarchs and mercenaries.


  • It hasn't yet publicly undertaken any separate actions in relation to Russian warmongers and kleptocrats.

Diplomatic Isolation

Partially Done

Measures taken to isolate Russia diplomatically (e.g. recall of ambassadors & diplomats, stripping Russia of its G20 membership, etc)

  • Sweden expelled three Russian diplomats after war crimes discovered in Ukrainian cities.


  • Majority of Russian diplomats as well as Russian consulate in Goteborg are still working in Sweden.


On Track

Combatting Putin's global propaganda network. While respecting freedom of speech, Putin should not be allowed to spread disinformation while Russia bans every single independent outlet. This measures countries' success in curbing Russian disinformation spread through Russia Today and other platforms.

Sweden stopped Russian state broadcasts and a leading Swedish media offered news in Russian to counter Kremlin propaganda.

Replace Russian Energy

Partially Done

Replacing Russian energy exports with alternative energy sources. That includes increasing production and opening new sources from fracking to nuclear to renewables.

  • Sweden’s energy supply is to a low degree directly dependent on Russian energy supplies: only two per cent of natural and 8 per cent of total Swedish crude oil Russia come frome Russia.
  • State-owned Swedish nuclear utility suspended deliveries from Russia.


  • Sweden hasn't yet halted gas and oil imports from Russia, though that won't cause acute risk of shortages or disruptions in the supply of electricity, gas or fuel.

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