Overall Score



On Track


  • Welcomed over two million of Ukrainian refugees, taken strong steps to counter Russian propaganda, and offer military support to Ukraine.
  • Contributed about 0.2% of its GDP to Ukraine, both in military support and humanitarian aid.
  • Is working on transferring Mig-29 fighter jets to Ukraine.


  • Still buys Russian energy resources, while preparing a plan for energy independence.


On Track

Military Support

On Track

Providing military support for Ukraine, composed of four key categories:

  • Ground Forces Support (e.g. small arms, defensive equipment, anti-tank)
  • Air Defense Support
  • Communications Support
  • Cyber Intelligence Support
  • Provided Ukraine with an undisclosed amount of man-portable air-defense systems, light anti-tank weapons, FlyEye drones, missiles for fighter jets, helmets, bulletproof vests, ammunition, grenade launchers, and mortars with rounds.
  • Sent 200 of T-72M1/M1R tanks to Ukraine.
  • Announced a security pact with UK and Ukraine in matters of military, cyber security, energy security, and countering disinformation.
  • Planned to provide Ukraine with MiG-29 fighter jets, before plans were scrapped.

Financial & Institutional Sanctions

On Track

Identifying sanctions impacting the Russian economy as a whole, including banks, sovereign debt, industry, access to global markets, etc.

  • Advocates for total EU ban on trade with Russia.
  • Freezed economic resources and funds of EU-sanctioned persons and entities.

Sanctions on Oligarchs, Kleptocrats, & Western Enablers

On Track

Sanctions on individuals in Putin's inner circle including:

  • exposing & seizing their assets
  • revoking their visas
  • holding them legally accountable where possible

The goal is to convince these individuals that their futures would be better without Putin than with him.

  • Supported all EU's sanctions against Russian warmongers.
  • Sanctioned Gazprom among 50 Russian firms and oligarchs ahead of the EU.
  • Announced plans to seize Russian diplomats’ property and use it to house Ukrainian refugees. At the same time, Poland does not host much of Russian oligarchs' property.

Diplomatic Isolation

On Track

Measures taken to isolate Russia diplomatically (e.g. recall of ambassadors & diplomats, stripping Russia of its G20 membership, etc)

Expelled 45 Russian diplomats alleged to be working for the Russian special services.


On Track

Combatting Putin's global propaganda network. While respecting freedom of speech, Putin should not be allowed to spread disinformation while Russia bans every single independent outlet. This measures countries' success in curbing Russian disinformation spread through Russia Today and other platforms.

  • The prime ministers of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland sent a public letter to internet giants to combat war propaganda and disinformation. Soon afterward, internet giants removed Russian disinformation channels from their platforms.

Replace Russian Energy

On Track

Replacing Russian energy exports with alternative energy sources. That includes increasing production and opening new sources from fracking to nuclear to renewables.

  • Called to ‘de-Russify’ EU's oil, gas and coal imports. Working with Norway and Denmark on the construction of a new pipeline. Plans to open a natural gas pipeline linking Poland and Lithuania on May 1.
  • Banned import and transit of coal originating from Russia and Belarus.
  • Gazprom halted gas exports to Poland.


  • Poland's largest refiner continues to buy Russian crude oil to ensure the security of supplies.

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