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On Track


  • Banned imports of Russian energy products.
  • Sanctioned Russian propaganda machine, kleptocrats, and their family members.
  • Provided Ukraine with lethal and non-lethal military equipment.


  • Can do more to isolate Russia diplomatically.


On Track

Military Support

On Track

Providing military support for Ukraine, composed of four key categories:

  • Ground Forces Support (e.g. small arms, defensive equipment, anti-tank)
  • Air Defense Support
  • Communications Support
  • Cyber Intelligence Support

In total, Australia has given $225 million in military aid and $65 million in humanitarian aid.

Financial & Institutional Sanctions

On Track

Identifying sanctions impacting the Russian economy as a whole, including banks, sovereign debt, industry, access to global markets, etc.

  • Undertook restrictive measures to prevent the Russian Central Bank from using its international reserves.
  • Supported further restrictive economic measures against 11 key Russian banks and institutions, as well as individuals enacted by the European Commission, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.
  • Added 14 Russian state-owned enterprises to its list of sanctions, targeting names such as Gazprom, Kamaz, SEVMASH and United Shipbuilding Corp.

Sanctions on Oligarchs, Kleptocrats, & Western Enablers

On Track

Sanctions on individuals in Putin's inner circle including:

  • exposing & seizing their assets
  • revoking their visas
  • holding them legally accountable where possible

The goal is to convince these individuals that their futures would be better without Putin than with him.

  • Australia targeted with financial sanctions 549 members of the Russian Duma, members of the Russian Federation’s security council, propagandists, as well as Russian oligarchs, prominent businesspeople, and their immediate family members.

Austraila generally follows EU and UK in sanctioning Russian kleptocrats and warmongers.

Diplomatic Isolation

Not Yet Done

Measures taken to isolate Russia diplomatically (e.g. recall of ambassadors & diplomats, stripping Russia of its G20 membership, etc)

Despite having called for Russia's diplomatic isolation and threatening to expel Russian diplomats, Australia has not taken any concrete actions to isolate Russia.


On Track

Combatting Putin's global propaganda network. While respecting freedom of speech, Putin should not be allowed to spread disinformation while Russia bans every single independent outlet. This measures countries' success in curbing Russian disinformation spread through Russia Today and other platforms.

  • The Australian Government works with digital platforms to take action to suspend the dissemination of content generated by Russian state media within Australia.
  • Australian TV providers suspended of Russia Today and NTV broadcasting.
  • Australia sanctioned major Russian state media organisations and its senior editors.

Replace Russian Energy

On Track

Replacing Russian energy exports with alternative energy sources. That includes increasing production and opening new sources from fracking to nuclear to renewables.

Banned import oil and other energy products from Russia.

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